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Non-UK Nationals and EU citizens with no settled or pre-settled status

Giving legal notice of marriage or civil partnership

In England or Wales, before you can marry or enter into a civil partnership, you must give legal notice together (in person and by appointment) in the district where one or both of you live or have resided for at least 7 clear days (prior to your appointment).

  • You cannot ask a friend or relative to attend and give notice for you.
  • You will need to provide certain documents. Details will be given when you make your appointment.
  • There is a statutory fee of £35 or £47 depending on your immigration status, for each notice given.
  • Certain information is publicly displayed for 28 clear days.

Your ceremony can take place after 28 clear days and within 12 months of giving notice*.

*This waiting period can be extended to 70 days at the discretion of the Home Office if they require extra time to look into your immigration status.  It will be the Home Office who decide whether or not your wedding or civil partnership can proceed.

Couples who have a valid marriage/civil partnership visa, Indefinite Leave to Remain or Right of Abode in the UK will not be referred to the Home Office and their waiting period will remain at 28 days.

We work closely with the Home Office (Immigration) for the detection and prevention of sham marriages and civil partnerships.


How to make an appointment

If one or both of you have resided in the county of Leicestershire for at least 7 clear days, please complete the Foreign National Citizens form.

To submit your form, you must include (if applicable):

  • Any divorce documentation which was granted outside of the United Kingdom –  a scan of the divorce will need to be emailed, along with a translation if it is not in English.  There is an additional statutory fee to be paid for the approval of any foreign divorce depending on the country which could be either £50 or £75.

Completed forms and any additional documents should be emailed to

Once the form is received and your documents checked, you will receive a call to make an appointment for your notices of marriage or civil partnership and/or to book your ceremony.

What to do if both parties have not lived in Leicestershire for at least 7 days

If you both live or have resided in the city of Leicester for at least 7 clear days, please follow instructions on the Leicester City Council website.

If you both live outside of the county of Leicestershire (including the city), you will need to contact your local register office for an appointment.


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