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Civil Partnership to Marriage Conversion

Following a change in legislation, civil partnership registrations can be converted into a marriage. You can do this with or without a ceremony and you will receive a marriage certificate dated when your original civil partnership was formed.

Converting Without a Ceremony

You will both need to make an appointment at one of our offices. You do not need to live or have lived in Leicestershire to have your civil partnership converted here.

You will need to bring payment, your civil partnership registration certificate, and documents to prove your identity and address which will be discussed with you when you make your appointment.

Converting With a Ceremony

Although it is not a legal requirement, we can also perform a ceremony for you if you wish. This can take place at;

  • A registration office
  • An approved venue
  • A registered religious building, providing the religious organisation and the building allows for same-sex marriages
  • A premises where a ceremony according to the Jewish faith or the Society of Friends will follow immediately after the conversion.

If you would like a conversion with a ceremony please contact us and we will advise what to do.


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