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Anglican (Church of England or Church in Wales) Marriage

The church or chapel you can get married in varies depending on your circumstances, although it is usually somewhere local. More information can be found on the official Church of England or Church in Wales websites.

Once chosen, you will need to contact the resident religious official (such as a vicar or bishop) who will arrange the ceremony and advise you of the legal formalities.

The Church will create a Marriage Document which you will be asked to sign on the day together with your witnesses and the person who conducted your ceremony.  It is vitally important that you check the contents of the Marriage Document before signing as any amendments required later will cost you £90 to be authorised.  Amendments can be made to the document in manuscript before it is signed so please read it through.

That Marriage Document will be forwarded to the local register office by the church to that the details can be input onto a computer and any certificates produced.  You will need to order and pay for those certificates either before or after the day.  Go to the Registrar’s page on the Leicestershire County Council website and complete the form.

Same-sex Marriage

For same-sex couples, even with the introduction of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013, religious freedom means that you will need to check that the relevant religious organisation allows for the marriage of same-sex couples and that the premise has been registered for the marriage of same-sex couples.

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