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Getting Married Abroad

If you are choosing to marry or register a civil partnership abroad contact the country’s embassy in the UK, who will tell you which documents you will need. Many countries ask for a ‘certificate of non impediment’ which we can issue for you, if you are a Leicestershire resident. This document shows that you are free to marry or register a civil partnership. To obtain this you will need a valid UK Passport as identification and proof of address and you will need to go through the usual process of giving notice of marriage/civil partnership.

For some countries it is not possible to issue this certificate and they may require alternate evidence such as a sworn affidavit or a ‘no trace’ letter issued by the General Register Office for England and Wales.

Your marriage or civil partnership should be recognised in the UK if you adhere to the specific country’s processes/laws accordingly, so you will not need to register it in the UK.

More information can be found on the UK Government website. Click on Fees to see our current price.