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Civil Marriage Ceremonies

Why Choose a Civil Ceremony?


A Civil Ceremony is a non-religious ceremony that can take place in any licensed venue or Register Office. Your ceremony will be attended by two members of the Leicestershire Registration Service, a Registrar who will oversee the legal paperwork and a Deputy Superintendent Registrar, who will lead the ceremony. Our Registrars are warm and welcoming, and we are here to help support and guide you through the ceremony,  all you need to do is ensure you have two adults to witness your marriage then leave the rest to us. Relax, take in the magic of your day and the joy of the occasion.

We offer you 3 different types of ceremonies to suit your style

Simple – suitable for those wanting an effortless and intimate occasion.

Classic – perfect for those looking for something more. This ceremony includes music and your choice of our ring vows.

Enhanced – held at Approved Venues, these ceremonies are for couples who would like to create a more personalised occasion and they allow you to incorporate individual touches

As well as being able to legally marry you, we pride ourselves on the unique service that we can offer to every couple who chooses Leicestershire as the location for their big day.

Step 1 – Choose Your Venue

Choosing where to say your vows is one of the first and most exciting decision that you’ll make about your day and will set the tone for the whole event. In Leicestershire, we’re lucky to have over 70 licensed venues and Register Offices, so finding something to suit your style and budget is simple. All of our licensed locations can be found over on our Registration Offices and Venues pages.

Once you have chosen your venue, book your Registrars as soon as possible, even if it is a few years in advance of your ceremony.

Step 2 – Book Ceremony/Registrars

Call our Celebration Co-ordination team on 01163056565 to book your Registrars. You can do this up to three years in advance of your ceremony date. Please ensure you leave plenty of time to complete your legal formalities. When you book the Registrar you will need to pay a non-refundable booking fee, so please make sure you have read our terms and conditions. . View the current financial year price list here. If you change the date, time or venue of your ceremony, you will need to pay an amendment fee, which will be charged at the current rate.

Step 3 – Legal Notice Appointment

As part of the legal formalities, you will each have to give notice by appointment. To book an appointment please contact us . If you live in Leicestershire, you can do this at one of our registration offices. If you live outside of Leicestershire, you will need to make an appointment with your own local registration service.

Giving notice is a legal requirement. By giving notice, partners are legally declaring they intend to marry. Both partners must do this individually in the registration district where they live and they must have lived there for at least the past seven consecutive days. The notice can be given up to 12 months before the ceremony, however we would suggest you do this as soon as possible. We recommend at least three months before.*

Everything you need to know can be found here, legal formalities.

Step 4 – Finalise Your Ceremony Appointment

You will now be ready to  personalise your ceremony. You can do this by completing a “Your Ceremony” document, which will either be given to you at your notice appointment (if you live in Leicestershire) or sent out to you after you have given your notice elsewhere. Alternatively, you will receive this electronically. From readings, poems and ring words to music and personal vows, there are many ways for you to tailor your day, your way.

Leicestershire loves love. Pease take a look at some of the couples we have had the honour of sharing their special moments with.

Please remember that yours is a civil ceremony so there should be no religious content.

Once you have completed the ‘Your Ceremony’ form, please return it to us at least six weeks before your ceremony. Please contact us to arrange payment for any outstanding fees. Your fees can be paid over the phone by credit or debit card by calling us on 01163056565.


*28 clear days before your ceremony date is the absolute minimum.


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